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In Conversation with Hyre: Get to Know Our Employee Scheduling Tool

At Hyre, we’re passionate about providing dynamic solutions for the shift-based workforce. Our journey began in the hospitality industry as we seamlessly connected staff with event organizers. Now, we’re taking the world of HR by storm with our latest product: Hyre’s own employee scheduling tool. Just as our temp staffing platform resolves expensive short-staffing issues for organizers, our employee scheduling tool allows managers to save significant costs by streamlining their daily tasks. Managers use our software to easily modify their employees’ schedules, operate their organizations with efficiency and clarity, and let our technology and automation take care of their most time-consuming processes.

In the spirit of clarity, we thought you might want to hear from us about what makes our employee scheduling tool so great! Take a look at the Q&A below to get familiar with our new product, and discover why we created it and why you’ll love it.


What Inspired the Development of Hyre’s Own Employee Scheduling Tool? What Issues Found in Existing Products were Most Important to Address?


From day one we knew that we wanted Hyre to be an all-encompassing HR platform for businesses with a shift-based workforce. We started with staffing services because our founder had hands-on experience working at Toronto’s largest firm in both operations and finance. 

With the intention of expanding Hyre from the start, we always made sure to listen to our client’s concerns with their scheduling practices. We noticed that the majority of them were using Excel to schedule their employeesor at best, very expensive management tools such as ADP. This was a clear signal that we needed to act immediately and add a suite of features that would help our clients manage their internal staff, thereby dramatically increasing their operational efficiency. 


Who will Benefit from Using This Software? How will it Improve Their Professional Lives?


Any employer with over 5 shift-based employees would see immediate benefits from using Hyre. Not only will Hyre’s scheduling and staff management software save 5-10 hours a week of a manager’s time, but it will improve employee morale. Research shows that the turnover rate in hospitality is over 80 percent! It costs a company between $5K-$10K for every staff that leaves abruptly. That turnover rate is dramatically improved when employee management tools are used. When staff describe their work environment as organized and their schedules as well managed, they feel a deeper connection to the company and tend to stay for the long-term. Now that’s a HUGE benefit. 

Hyre's employee scheduling tool

What Features will Users Enjoy the Most?


This is a toughie—there’s a feature for everyone! If you like to keep your team updated with company news, you’ll appreciate our interdepartmental messaging system. If you have a huge organization, you’ll find our location and department management features super helpful. 

We personally love showing off Hyre’s employee calendar. It is completely integrated with our temp labor product. Clients love having the ability to access a skilled labor force and their employees’ shifts in one interface. They can seamlessly convert any unfilled shift to a temp shift and allow qualified and vetted workers to pick it up, ensuring that they are never short-staffed. 


What Attribute is Most Important When it Comes to Building a Tool for the Shift-based Workforce?


Usability. User experience is extremely important to us at Hyre. If the founder’s 95-year-old grandma can’t use it, it’s back to the drawing board!

Now that you’ve learned the backstory to our employee scheduling tool, we encourage you to book a demo and try it out for yourself! We’re always interested in hearing about what you’re looking for in an employee management tool, so feel free to share your thoughts and feedback in the comments below.

Hyre's scheduling platform calendar showing multiple shifts

Want to up your employee shift scheduling game?

Try Hyre’s Employee Shift Scheduling Software for free!

Our platform tracks time and attendance, automates your weekly scheduling tasks, improves internal communication, reduces turnover costs, increases job satisfaction and overall work performance. Hyre is also equipped with a free COVID health tracking module.

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