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The scheduling software for healthcare workers that helps you prioritize patient care

From medical clinics to long-term care facilities, equip your team with easy-to-use tools that track employees’ time, facilitate internal communication, and seamlessly integrate with payroll.

    healthcare scheduling software

    Trusted by healthcare professionals


    In a field where urgency and efficiency are key, our platform simplifies and streamlines daily operations.

    With straightforward shift scheduling and mobile-friendly features, healthcare workers can fully focus on the wellbeing of their patients—as well as their own. 

    healthcare scheduling software
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    Get real-time updates

    Shift workers receive notifications about last-minute schedule changes and managers can send urgent updates to staff through instant messaging. 

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    Look after employee wellness

    Employers can ensure that their team is getting adequate recovery time with overtime prevention available through our digital time clock app.

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    Customize temp staff requirements

    When accessing our staffing platform, managers can select temporary healthcare workers based on specified qualifications and certifications.

    You’re in good company

    What I like best is how easy it is to use and schedule multiple shifts at once - I can even manage the schedule for different locations.

    Eileen M.Software Connect

    Ready to try the ultimate employee scheduling tool for the healthcare industry?