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Stay on top of your team’s attendance management with our time clock app

Stress-free time tracking you can rely on.

    Get the most out of your workday by letting our time clock app keep track of your staff’s hours


    Clock in and clock out without additional hardware

    Our trusted time clock app eliminates the need for unnecessary paperwork or expensive devices. Workers can punch in and out directly on their mobile devices using our app. 

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    time clock notification illustration

    Notify staff about upcoming shifts

    Our employee time clock sends notifications to your team when their shift is approaching, helping to prevent no-shows and late arrivals. 

    time clock live updates

    Stay on top of hours worked with live updates

    Get real-time information on employee attendance through our time clock app. This data can help you monitor early clock-ins, breaks, and overtime, which ultimately saves you money.

    Industry-leading organizations use

    Hyre’s employee time clock

    Explore the rest of Hyre’s features

    Our employee scheduling software comes complete with a comprehensive set of tools that empowers your team to manage your organization and employees.

    shift scheduling calendar icon

    Shift scheduling

    Create employee schedules in minutes.

    automate timesheets icon

    Automated timesheets

    Let technology take care of your time tracking.

    digital time clock icon

    Digital time clocks

    Allow your team to punch in and out through their mobile devices.

    temp staffing icon

    Temp Staffing

    Access an experienced temp labor pool.

    manage org structure icon

    Structural customization

    Organize your company by facility, department, and more.

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    Team Messaging

    Easily communicate with co-workers through our built-in chat.

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