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Top 7 Reasons to Apply for Part Time Bartender Jobs

By January 27th, 2024HR at Work

Part time used to be a scary word when it came to employment. Working part time in hospitality, i.e. working part time bartender jobs, was seen as insufficient… Oh but how that has changed.

The past few years have dramatically altered our work environments. Many office jobs were forced to become remote temporarily, maybe forever. New tools had to be adopted in order to accommodate working from home. Industries have drastically shrunk and grown in a short time frame. Workers had to be quickly reskilled. And so on. 

There is no doubt that the evolving work environment has left people questioning what work environment is best suited for them. Some wish to double down and take on as much work as humanly possible. Others yearn to find a job that promotes work-life balance.

Finding these work-life balance jobs isn’t always easy, especially when it comes to jobs in the hospitality industry. Most times, employers will request that staff work awkward shifts that meet the demands of the restaurant. The schedule of a full time bartending job can be Thursday to Sunday, 5 pm to 3 am. For some, that can get old, fast. In that case, if you are looking for a position as a bartender, it might make more sense to look for part time bartender jobs instead. 

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There are many reasons bartenders prefer part time work.


1. Part time bartender jobs help promote ideal schedules.

If you are looking for a work-life balance, having a flexible job schedule is key. Try to search for employment that allows you to apply for part time positions. This can be tricky as most employers want their bartenders to commit to the schedules that they give them. Thankfully, there are alternatives. There are tons of local part time bartender jobs on online temp bartending platforms such as Hyre. Just create a profile and browse through local bartending shift postings put up by hotels, restaurants, and private event organizers. If you find some that suit you, pick them up, work, and cash out. 



2. Part time bartending jobs allow you to hone your craft while continuing to pursue other passions.

For some, bartending is a side gig while attending school or pursuing a career. Having an inflexible class schedule or a career that requires you to be on call for any shifts that may pop up, doesn’t leave much room for full time employment as a bartender. Thus, part time bartender jobs might be the best option for you if you are still interested in keeping up with your hard-earned mixology skills while tending to other priorities in life.


3. Part time bartender jobs are a great way to earn extra income.

Perhaps you have your life goals all set and you just want to save up for your next vacation but feel guilty tapping into your savings. That is an excellent reason to search for part time gigs in the hospitality industry. In no time, a few shifts a week will get you some guilt-free spending money. A vacation, a few extra nights out a month, a spectacular date night – all of this can be earned through part time bartender jobs!



4. Part time bartender jobs can be great opportunities for new bartenders.

If you are new to the hospitality industry altogether, or even just new to mixology, part time positions could be a great way to get your foot in the door. An employer might not have a full time bartending job for you but may very well consider you for a part time position. Don’t be shy to suggest this option to the hiring manager when applying to jobs. Remember, everyone has to start somewhere.


5. Part time bartender jobs can be fun!

For all of you mixologists out there, playing around with new drink recipes can be a blast. If you have an employer that allows you to experiment with novel recipes, you can be a novice alchemist! Experimenting with liquid nitrogen, fire, and cool spirits such as high-end absinthe, is a great way to spend a few hours. This part time bartender job won’t even feel like a job. 

Depending on where you work, expanding your skills and becoming a flair bartender could also be on the table (pun intended). 

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Some hidden benefits that should be considered when applying to part time jobs:


6. Part time bartender jobs are excellent ways to make friends!

Most people make friends at work. If you are working virtually, this is not an easy feat. It is becoming harder and harder to make social connections through one’s computer screen. A part time bartender job can be a great excuse to get out and meet people without over-exerting yourself. You have the potential of meeting new and interesting people every shift. Over time, your colleagues, and even your patrons, could become some of your closest friends.

And if you simply enjoy human interaction and giving others advice… Who knows, you could even take a page out of Cheers and turn into a mini Frasier Crane (one that bartends, of course). 


7. Part time bartender jobs help you save money (and we are not referring to you earning more).

Now this one isn’t as obvious, and yet, it is a very valid reason to consider a part time bartender job in your future. When you are working, you are not spending. The more time you spend at your part time bartending gig, the less time you are spending going out. When you think about it… it’s a great way to keep your bank account full. Your wallet will thank you. 


So, you’ve decided to go for that part time job, now what?

Well, this could actually be the best time to do so. At the moment, there is a huge shortage of workers in hospitality, and employers are hiring left, right, and center. That means that you have a unique opportunity to search and apply to the best bartending jobs in your area. You can try searching on your local job boards, walking into your favorite bars and restaurants, or making a versatile profile on a temp hospitality platform. You’ll be sure to find something that resonates with you and checks off all of your boxes.

Of course, that will still require you to get yourself job-ready. Don’t expect to just waltz in and demand a job. If you are prepared with a great resume and attitude, there’s a good chance you’ll get that interview. Then, you’ll have to impress the hiring manager to land that part time bartender job. Good luck!


Final thoughts…

Just remember that nowadays a job isn’t just a job. You want to find meaningful employment, even when it comes to shift-work type employment. The hospitality industry is no different. Being a waiter or a bartender is a fun and rewarding position. Don’t hold back when applying for your next part time bartender job and know that where you work makes a huge difference.

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