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Why you should use our digital temp staffing marketplace

Fast & efficient hiring process

Using Hyre’s easy to use platform, you can request staff in under 2 minutes.

Customize staffing orders

Indicate the positions and timeslots of the shifts as well as the attire and skills necessary for the job.

Reliable and vetted staff

Hyre vets each and every candidate through interviewing, reviewing resumes, and reference checks before they work.

Companies choose to staff with Hyre because of our unique platform

Create recurring shifts

We know that your staffs’ schedules may be consistent week over week or change day by day. We give you the flexibility to create recurring shifts or events as you see fit.
Whether you have 1 shift or 100 shifts every day for a month, you can easily create your schedule in minutes using our bulk shift scheduler feature.
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Customize your staff list

Your temp needs may change with every order and thus, we allow you to be in control of what you need. Every request is customizable to your preferences.
You choose the staffs’ hourly wage, experience level, past ratings, uniform, certifications, and much, much more.
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Rate and favourite staff

After staff work at your facility, you can rate them on their performance. You can favorite the staff who went above and beyond and block the staff who you don’t want back. This comprehensive rating system allows you to better your future staffing orders.
Our AI tool takes in all of this data and ensures that the more you use Hyre, the better your staff list becomes.
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Join the many brands who

work with Hyre temp staff

Industries that use Hyre for temp staffing

Join 100s of users across a variety of industries. From long-term care facilities to hotels and event venues, we’ve got your shifts covered.

Long-term care

The long-term care industry is growing rapidly. The needs of the industry are very unique as residents of LTCs are part of the vulnerable population. Hyre takes this very seriously. Whether we help you with filling the gaps in the kitchen or the cleaning department, we make sure that each candidate fully understands the special needs of the industry. We are here to support you.

Cleaning & general labour

The cleaning industry requires a variety of skills in its personnel. We intimately understand your needs and support you by matching you with the perfect candidates to your organization. From heavy-duty cleaners who can operate machinery to light-duty cleaners who will sanitize every surface, we’ve got you covered.

Event staffing

Event staffing is our forte. We wholly understand the nuances of events and are extremely mindful when working with you to get you the best staff list for your function. Each year, we proudly connect hundreds of venues and catering companies with qualified waitstaff, bar staff, chef assists, hosts, and many many more.

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