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Great People

Find and work amazing shifts in your community

Find Work That Fits
Your Schedule.


Choose Your Own Wage

You know the value of your work. Unlike event staffing agencies, we give you the freedom to pick what you want to make.


Work When You Want

We give you the freedom to choose shifts that meet your schedule.


Work Where You Want

Our site lets you choose to work at locations you prefer.

No Setup. Easy to Use.

1 Create An Account

Start by creating an account. Its simple, easy and quick.

2 Verify Experience

Once your account is created you just need to verify your experience with our easy to use process.

3 Accept Shifts

Pick up any shift you want at anytime and any location you want! Our shift browser makes it simple.

4 Enjoy!

Reap the benefits of Hyre's easy to use and convenient system as well as staffing your event quickly!

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Work that Benefits You.

As an Event Staff, you get to choose your own hourly wage, find work that suits you, and receive performance ratings and feedback.

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Jenn Stinson



Really love this concept, has made finding serving jobs so much simpler!