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What Is Hyre?

Why Did We Create Hyre?

We all know the use of staffing agencies can cause headaches for both the organizer and the staff of the event. Well our founder knew this all too well. She worked at staffing agencies in various departments. She saw the inefficiencies first hand.

“I firmly believed the current system was far too inefficient and outdated. What made everything more frustrating was that no one was doing anything about it! Based on my extensive experience working in the industry I have developed a solution that I believe to be more fair and frankly, make more sense. I am devoted to this company and will continuously work to develop the product so it will continue to provide a prominent solution in the future.”

– Eropa Stein, CEO

Why Should You Use Hyre?

Well that’s easy, we’re awesome! But in all seriousness, at Hyre, we offer unique features that has never been offered before in this industry to help event organizers find the perfect staff for their memorable events and event staff their perfect shift. These features include online performance reviews, posted wage rates, 24/7 access, and much more!

By eliminating the middle man, we’re giving the power back in the hands of those who matter. Event organizers benefit from reduced staffing costs, while event staff benefit from increased hourly wages. This just keeps getting better and better!