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The simplest and fastest way to schedule multiple staff at once.

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Schedule your employees shifts

Create employee schedules in minutes. Assign staff or allow them to pick the shifts up on their own. Fill gaps in your schedule with temp staff with a click of a button!

  • Manage in-house staff
  • Multiple shift scheduling
  • Drag and drop staff
  • Contract temp staff
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Time Clock & Time Tracking

Allow your team to punch in and punch out through their mobile devices. Track their shift start and end times in one simple dashboard.

  • Automate timesheets
  • Digital clock-in/out
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Payroll Management

Keep track of your staffs’ pay summary in one place. Download a report that syncs to your payroll system.

  • View pay summary
  • Mark shifts as paid
  • Download a CSV
  • Sync to payroll
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Team management within your organization

Manage multiple departments

and facilities

Every organization is unique. Customize your company by facility, department, etc. and allow your team to manage each separately or in unison.

  • Unlimited hierarchical structure
  • Multi-level users
  • Independent privacy settings
  • Team management
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Organization management visualization
Access temp staff visualization

Share staff within your organization

Schedule staff across all of your organization’s facilities. Allow your facilities to share their staff amongst one another, saving you tons of overhead costs.

  • Share staff across facilities
  • Fill gaps with temp staff
  • Schedule across facilities
  • View all schedules
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Ready to manage with Hyre?

Use Hyre to manage your team’s schedules, communication, time-clock, time-tracking, and payroll files—all in a matter of minutes. Upgrade from MS Excel sheets and back-and-forth emails with your team.

Excel at what matters.

Industry leading event

organizers have used Hyre

Join 100s of users in the hospitality industry. From hoteliers to restaurateurs, we’ve got your shifts covered.

“I used Excel to manage my 20 staff for the better part of my career. I was spending 10-20 hours of my week creating and updating the schedule. Now, I use Hyre and have the time to invest in my team and my clients. Hyre's scheduling feature not only saves me time, it saves me hundreds of dollars in labour costs.”

Lloyd HansenArt of Spices

“I love how easy it is for me to schedule all my shifts at once. I was avid user of the many scheduling tools out there but they always fell short when it came to bulk scheduling. I had to create one shift at a time. On Hyre, I create 20 shifts at once (or more) and publish them instantly. I schedule 100 staff each week, so this is a huge win for me! Thank you!”

Carly Gerrison, Banquet ManagerHilton

“I have been using Hyre's event staffing marketplace since 2015.
The staff we have worked with from Hyre have been professional, caring, and engaged—something often missing with casual workers.”

Carlos Baeza, Food and Beverage DirectorThe Brookstreet Hotel