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Frequently Asked Questions

If you’re new to Hyre or looking to learn more about our platform and features, this is a good place to start! If you need more help with our platform, head over to our help desk.

Getting started with Hyre

What is Hyre?

Hyre is an HR platform that is focused on building employee shift scheduling and temp staffing solutions.

Hyre’s all-in-one platform aims to help businesses embrace technology and reach new heights.

Hyre for event staffing: Hyre is an online marketplace that directly connects event staff (bartenders, servers, etc.) with event organizers (event venues, caterers, event planners). Our objective is to provide event staff and event organizers with a more efficient alternative to the outdated, and often unfair, services offered by event staffing agencies.

Hyre welcomes you!

How much does Hyre cost?

Anyone can start using Hyre at no cost, depending on the tool you need!  Here is how it works:

Employee Shift Scheduling and Team Management:

For those of you choosing Hyre in order to automate your employee shift scheduling, time-tracking, payroll, etc., you can start with a free trial right now. If you decide to continue using Hyre, you will be asked to pay on a per-user-per-month basis. 

Temp Staffing:

If you want to hire temp staff, you can sign up for free. Employers who publish shifts have full access to our temp staffing pool without having to pay any fees. You will be asked to pay the wages of the temp staff who have helped you out, but that’s it.

Job Hunting:

If you’re a gig worker looking for a freelance job, WE want to pay YOU! Join our platform at no cost, find shifts to work, and start earning. It’s that simple.

Manage employees with Hyre

How many employees can I add to my account?

That’s up to you! Only you know how many employees you need to manage. Feel free to onboard them all. By onboarding your staff to Hyre, they will be able to access their Hyre portal where they can book shifts, time-off, view their pay, set their availability, and much more!

Is Hyre a fit for my business?

We know what we’re best at, and it’s building user-friendly HR tools for a shift-based workforce. So, if that’s you, we will be best friends. 

In terms of organization size, we don’t discriminate. From small business owners to organizations with multiple locations, we will happily accommodate everyone.

If you want to chat about this, our team is always happy to go on a virtual coffee date with you and your colleagues. Tell us about your business and we can build an ideal solution together.

What is the cost of the employee shift scheduling and staff management tools?

You can start using Hyre for free! Start a free trial right now. If you decide that you love our platform and want to continue past the trial phase (which we are confident you will), we charge a competitive monthly subscription fee for each employee you onboard.

You will get access to our cool features. Our goal is to provide you with cost-efficient solutions that help your business grow and reduce operational costs.

How is Hyre better than the alternatives?

We are a cost-efficient all-in-one HR platform for shift-based workforces.

We solve the operational demands of hiring, managing, and paying your shift workers. From A to Z, we’ve got you covered. We offer never before seen integrations to tools that solve huge operational headaches.

For instance, Hyre is the first employee shift scheduling and staff management tool to integrate a temp staffing module! We understand the unpredictable nature of a shift-based workforce and how difficult it can be to fill shifts quickly when there is a cancellation or your demands simply increase rapidly. So, we added an option to fill gaps in schedules with qualified temp staff from Hyre. These temp staff go through a rigorous vetting and onboarding process. You can find more information on hiring temp staff with Hyre, here.

Do I have to install Hyre to start using it?

Hyre is a cloud-based SaaS platform. The majority of companies prefer this type of deployment because it is easy to manage, very accessible, reliable, and cost-efficient. All you need is an internet-connection and a device to start shift planning!

What can my staff do on the platform?

The power is yours! You are the one who can control what your staff can or can’t do. We provide a set of activated permissions for each user. There, you can easily control what your users have access to and what they can view. We made sure to create a detailed list of permissions to give you as much control as possible.

Limited permissions are a great way to avoid confusion and errors by shifting focus on what matters most for staff. On the other hand, you can empower your employees by giving them control over their schedules. In the end, you can choose to do what makes sense for you. We promise we won’t judge you for it. 🙂

Can I communicate with my staff through Hyre?

Yes! Hyre has a built-in chat where you can easily communicate with your co-workers. You can even create group chats with your team to be more productive! Our goal is to help you establish effective and fast communication channels. The Hyre chat eliminates the need to write your staff lengthy emails and wait hours for them to check their email boxes and respond.

Can I customize my organization by locations and departments?

Of course! We understand that every organization is unique. We want to help you embrace your uniqueness. You can customize your organization by locations (i.e. facilities), departments, etc. With Hyre, you will be able to replicate your organizational structure.

Moreover, our platform allows you to function in unison – view all schedules and share staff across locations and departments if you wish.

What about payroll?

Our platform allows you to keep track of your staff’s pay summary, mark shifts as paid, and download reports that sync to your payroll system.

How much support do you offer?

Our team is ready to help you with any concerns. We do not charge for demos or training. Our priority is to ensure that your experience with Hyre is as smooth as possible. If you feel like you need extra assistance with the onboarding process, we’re here to help! You can forward your inquiries to and expect a quick reply. Give us a call at +1 (647) 953 4561  or schedule a meeting with our team members.

Hire temp staff with Hyre

How do I save money?

One of the key value propositions is the money you will save by using our service.

How? Well, we pride ourselves on taking a much smaller transaction fee for our service (compared to typical staffing agencies). Thus, our clients are able to pay less per hour for each temp staff than they would with an agency meaning the temp staff actually make more per hour! And that’s the way it should be, period.

Oh, and YOU choose the hourly wage you would like to pay the staff.

How long does it take to sign up on Hyre?

When you first start with Hyre, all you have to do is take 30 seconds to create your profile. Your profile will then be reviewed and once it is approved, you’ll be all set to start posting shifts!

How long does it take to create and publish shifts on Hyre?

Once your profile has been approved, creating shifts is simple: input the details, like the number of staff you need and how much you want to pay per staff, and voila! You’re ready to go. You can either invite specific staff to your shifts or allow them to find you.

What is the rating system?

The rating system allows employers/shift supervisors to rate the staff that have worked at their establishment. This ensures that staff have an incentive to perform at a high level because employers are more likely to hire staff who have been rated well on previous shifts.

Why would staff get paid more than they do at staffing agencies?

Well, wouldn’t you prefer to be paid more? If temp staff are making a higher wage, they are happier and more motivated to perform at their best! Moreover, these wages are not arbitrary-staff only get paid what they deserve. The higher their skill level and their ratings, the more they can earn. Their skills and performance are constantly monitored and wages are adjusted accordingly. With that said, you get higher quality staff when the staff are content with their working conditions.

What information is on the staff profile?

To ensure we connect the right staff to each shift, we ask every staff member to fill out a profile before they start taking shifts. The profile consists of past experience, resume, references, certifications, related skills, etc. The goal of the profile is to act as a short, online version of their resume.

How do I know the staff will perform well consistently?

Following every shift, organizers MUST rate staff’s performance at their event. After working 3 shifts, an overall rating is attributed to each staff and ‘ratings’ becomes a search criterion for event organizers. This method helps aggregate higher quality staff compared to staff hired through a typical staffing agency.

How do I know if staff are qualified?

You, as an employer, have full access to the search parameters of staff, including positions, certifications, and performance reviews. In order to be able to create a profile with Hyre, staff must undergo a rigorous application process. Hyre approves their certifications (i.e. SmartServe certification in Ontario), resumes, and references. In contrast, staffing agencies’ staff acceptance process is quite limited with underqualified staff regularly being hired for shifts.

Insurance: Who is responsible?

Insurance for all temp staff is provided through the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB). In order to provide such a service, a deduction of the temp staff’s wage will be applied.

What about staff cancellations and no-shows?

Through our platform, the staff can provide a reason for their cancellation. You, as the employer, have the option to approve or not approve this reason. Should you deem the reason invalid, the staff will be charged a cancellation fee. If the staff is a no-show, without giving a reason, the cancellation will automatically be charged. The goal of this fee is to work as a deterrent for staff to cancel at the last minute or not show up at all. After a cancellation, the platform will prompt you to choose whether you would like the position filled by an on-call staff or if you are okay moving forward with one less staff than originally anticipated.

When can I book staff?

Since Hyre is an online platform, you are free to create your shifts and list your staff requirements at any time you wish! With that said, we recommend that you create your staff list at least a week before your shifts start in order to allow time for more staff to see the requirements and sign up to work your shifts.

What if I want to cancel the shifts I posted?

If shifts are cancelled more than a week before the scheduled date, then you must pay 20% of the booking fee for each filled shift. If the cancellation is within a week of the scheduled date then you will be required to pay the equivalent of 2 hours per staff booked. If the cancellation is within 48 hours of the start of the shifts, you will be required to pay the equivalent of 4 hours per staff booked.
Any sets of shifts over 10 staff require at least 14 days’ notice. Account holders will be required to pay the equivalent of the hourly wage * 4 * the number of shifts cancelled.

How do I pay for the staff that I booked?

The first time you create shifts on our platform, you will be asked to enter your credit card details (processed through Stripe). 

Prior to publishing your shifts, the estimated cost of staffing is generated. Once you approve this estimate and publish your shifts, it is made public for eligible staff to pick up. At this point, the card on file will be pre-charged for the estimated amount.

After the completion of your shifts, the finalized staffing cost is generated. The credit card on file will be processed for the full amount within 48 hours of the event.

What if I find staff through Hyre that I want to hire?

Although we are incredibly flattered that we were able to match you with a temp staff that you want to bring on as an employee at your establishment, we cannot afford to let go of the contacts that we have made without some reimbursement. You see, it costs us a great deal of time and money to match each of our clients with their perfect match. If we were to allow poaching at no cost, we would be out of business. Please be considerate regarding this matter. 🙂

We have a policy in place for this:

A no-poaching clause of $2000 exists if you decide to employ a Hyre staff who was introduced to you via the Hyre platform. The clause expires if the staff has not worked for you through Hyre within a 6-month period.

What about tips?

Because of the higher hourly rates, staff are not expecting tips and you are in no way required to tip them. If you are really happy with their work and should you want to, by all means go ahead. We’re sure they would appreciate it!

If other parties, such as guests, wish to tip, it is also not required or expected, but the staff would appreciate it. Should the guests give a lump sum amount to be divided among staff after the event, this amount should be added onto the invoice and we will monitor its distribution to the staff along with their paycheck.

Freelance and earn with Hyre

Is there any type of training before I begin working?

At Hyre, we are looking for high-quality staff to help out employers in need of assistance. Prior to attending your first shift, you are expected to watch, and be comfortable with the content of, Hyre’s mandatory orientation videos. Before selecting your shifts, you will be required to review the shift details that employers fill in and ensure that you are up for the task. This is to ensure that you are aware of the tasks you could be assigned as a Hyre contractor and to give you an opportunity to ask any questions you may have. Make sure you are ready to rock and roll!

What type of temp staff are you looking for?

We are always looking for high quality, hard-working people. More specifically, we are looking for experienced people who can contribute in the following industries: Hospitality, Long-term Care, General Labour, Retail, etc.

Depending on shifts you choose to work, you will be required to have industry-related experience. For example, if you choose to work within Hospitality, you may need experience as a server, bartender, host, chef, etc. 

Does it cost anything to sign up?

One of the wonderful things about Hyre is that there are no registration fees! Once your experience has been verified, you are free to pick up any open shifts that you are eligible for.

We do, however, ask all staff to provide a credit card number for your account.  Your card will only be charged in the case of a last-minute shift cancellation or a no-show. If you attend all your shifts or find people to cover your shift if you can’t make it, then you will NEVER be charged.

What if I am late to my shift?

Staff are expected to arrive 15 minutes early (dressed and ready) to their shift. Signing in may take a few minutes and arriving on time will result in a late start time.

Arriving late affects the whole team. Employers are expecting everything to run on time and if a staff member shows up behind schedule, the whole team suffers. Showing up late to a shift will result in a rating penalty and a late fee may be applied (up to $50–discretion is left to Hyre).

Can I accept tips?

Staff working Hyre shifts should not expect tips. Never imply to a guest or client that a tip is expected. By using Hyre you are already receiving a higher compensation for your work than you would receive through a staffing agency.

In the case where you are awesome and a guest offers a tip, feel free to accept. In some cases, guests will leave a lump sum with the organizer to be divided among all the staff. Should this be the case, the amount will be added to your invoice and you will see the tip amount added to your paycheck.

Are there any processing fees?

There is a 2% maintenance fee for the service. This is taken out when payment is being processed. For instance, if you make a total of $50 for a shift, Hyre’s maintenance fee would be $1 and $49 would be deposited into your account.

What is the Zero Tolerance Policy about?

Here at Hyre, we take our Zero Tolerance Policy very seriously. There is to be no alcohol, drugs, or engaging in any criminal or illegal activities on the part of our private contractors. If staff are suspected of engaging in any such activity, they will be banned from the platform immediately, charged for any damages, and not paid for the shifts they worked in which the inappropriate activities occurred. For more information about the policy, please visit this link.

What happens if the employer cancels my shift?

If the cancellation is within 24 hours of the scheduled date, you will be paid 4 hours at your hourly rate unless a similar shift is offered to you (as a replacement shift).