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find shifts

What do we offer?

As an independent freelancer with Hyre, you’ll have the

freedom and flexibility to find shifts that suit you.

set your own wage

Personalized wages

Choose your desired pay rate. 

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Flexible hours

Fill your schedule to match your availability.

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Convenient locations

Find shifts near you or search by location. 

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Set your own wage

Freelancing with Hyre means you get to determine what you earn. Unlike staffing agencies, we give you the power to find shifts with your desired rate because you know the value of your work best.

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Build your schedule

As an independent contractor, you’re in control of when you work. Increase your earnings by filling gaps in your schedule with other shift jobs available on our platform.

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“It has made finding jobs so much simpler—I love the flexibility!”

JennWaitstaff & Host
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Find shift jobs near you

Search for shifts based on proximity and convenience. Our platform lets you choose the locations you prefer.

Work with leading organizations

across a variety of industries. 

Frequently asked questions

Learn more about finding shifts by reading our FAQ

What type of temp staff jobs are posted?

We are always looking for high quality, hard-working people. More specifically, we are looking for experienced people who can contribute in the following industries: Hospitality, Long-term Care, General Labour, Retail, etc.

Depending on shifts you choose to work, you will be required to have industry-related experience. For example, if you choose to work within Hospitality, you may need experience as a server, bartender, host, chef, etc.

Does it cost anything to sign up?

One of the wonderful things about Hyre is that there are no registration fees! Once your experience has been verified, you are free to pick up any open shifts that you are eligible for.

We do, however, ask all staff to provide a credit card number for your account.  Your card will only be charged in the case of a last-minute shift cancellation or a no-show. If you attend all your shifts or find people to cover your shift if you can’t make it, then you will NEVER be charged.

Can I accept tips?

Staff working Hyre shifts should not expect tips. Never imply to a guest or client that a tip is expected. By using Hyre you are already receiving a higher compensation for your work than you would receive through a staffing agency.

In the case where you are awesome and a guest offers a tip, feel free to accept. In some cases, guests will leave a lump sum with the organizer to be divided among all the staff. Should this be the case, the amount will be added to your invoice and you will see the tip amount added to your paycheck.

What happens if my shift gets cancelled?

If the cancellation is within 24 hours of the scheduled date, you will be paid 4 hours at your hourly rate unless a similar shift is offered to you (as a replacement shift).

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