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professional staff

With a diverse talent pool ranging from long-term care workers and event staff to general laborers and cleaners, temp staffing for your industry is easy.

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Why choose Hyre as your temp staffing solution?

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Customizable staff lists

Fine-tune shift specifications and requirements.

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Comprehensive rating system

Favorite the staff you’d like to hire again.  

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Bulk shift scheduling

Post multiple daily shifts with ease.

Our dynamic features set us apart.

Discover what our unique platform has to offer!

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Customize your staff list

Our unique shift building feature allows you to modify your staff preferences to suit every shift. You choose the hourly wage, experience level, past ratings, uniform, and certifications that fit your needs.

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“I have been using Hyre's event staffing marketplace since 2015. The staff we have worked with from Hyre have been professional, caring, and engaged”

Carlos Baeza, Food and Beverage DirectorThe Brookstreet Hotel
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Review staff performance

The more you use Hyre, the better your staff list becomes. After rating staff performances, our comprehensive AI tool will use the data to better your future staffing suggestions. 

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Post multiple shifts

We know that your needs may be consistent week over week or change daily. Our bulk shift scheduling feature gives you the flexibility to post multiple shifts on a given day and make it recurring for the week.

Leading organizations choose Hyre

for their temporary staffing needs.

Frequently asked questions

How long does it take to sign up with Hyre?

When you first start with Hyre, all you have to do is take 30 seconds to create your profile. Your profile will then be reviewed and once it is approved, you’ll be all set to start posting shifts!

When can I book staff?

Since Hyre is an online platform, you are free to create your shifts and list your staff requirements at any time you wish! With that said, we recommend that you create your staff list at least a week before your shifts start in order to allow time for more staff to see the requirements and sign up to work your shifts.

How will I save money?

One of the key value propositions is the money you will save by using our service.

How? Well, we pride ourselves on taking a much smaller transaction fee for our service (compared to typical staffing agencies). Thus, our clients are able to pay less per hour for each temp staff than they would with an agency meaning the temp staff actually make more per hour! And that’s the way it should be, period.

Oh, and YOU choose the hourly wage you would like to pay the staff.

What about cancellations and no-shows?

Through our platform, the staff can provide a reason for their cancellation. You, as the employer, have the option to approve or not approve this reason. Should you deem the reason invalid, the staff will be charged a cancellation fee. If the staff is a no-show, without giving a reason, the cancellation will automatically be charged.
The goal of this fee is to work as a deterrent for staff to cancel at the last minute or not show up at all. After a cancellation, the platform will prompt you to choose whether you would like the position filled by an on-call staff or if you are okay moving forward with one less staff than originally anticipated.

Are you ready to staff with Hyre?