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2022 Minimum Wage by State: US Minimum Wage Map

By March 23rd, 2022HR at Work

What is the Federal Minimum Wage in the US in 2022?


As of 2022, the federal minimum wage in the USA is $7.25 per hour meaning this is the minimum hourly pay expected for non-exempt workers. Since the federal law overrides the state laws, the federal minimum wage requirements apply to all states nationwide. This federal labor law is responsible for ensuring worker’s rights protection.

According to the history of the federal minimum wage rates, the lowest hourly wage requirement has remained unchanged since 2009 [2]. The majority of minimum wage adjustments are executed on a state level, or municipally. Despite this trend, workers in certain occupations or circumstances may be exempt from the federal hourly rate requirement.

Minimum Wage VS Tipped Wage

As established, each state has its own minimum wage requirements being at or higher than the federal minimum. So, are there any workers who are entitled to less than that? Yes! Tipped workers in the US are commonly exempt from these regulations, as they are expected to receive the majority of income in the form of tips.  

As a rule, the states adopt their own minimum tipped wage bouncing off of $2.13 per hour – the federal minimum counterpart. In order to ensure the fair treatment of tipped employees, the wages and tips combined must at least equal the $7.25 per hour. Otherwise, the employer needs to compensate their staff by increasing cash wages.


2022 Minimum Wage by State Map.


Below is the 2022 minimum wage by state map illustrating the minimum wage hourly rates within each (data gathered from the US Department of Labor). For convenience, the map has been color-coded to show the states roughly falling within the low, medium, and high wage rates based on their proximity to the federal minimum. Click here if you want to view the low-to-high 2022 minimum wage table.


The data are compiled and reported on a yearly basis by the US Department of Labor, the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, and the Current Population Survey. Any recorded wage adjustments and historic trends result in multiple insights and interesting facts, e.g. demographic factors, economic factors, changes in the labor market, etc. 

Minimum Wage Increases. 2021 VS 2022

In 2022, eleven states have increased their minimum wage. Among these states are California, Illinois, Maryland, Delaware, Michigan, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Rhode Island, New Mexico, Vermont, and Virginia [3]. To compare the 2022 minimum wage by state map with records from 2021, check out the map we created last year.

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The federal minimum wage was last changed in 2008 when it was raised from $6.55 to $7.25 [2].

Seven states apply the same minimum wage to tipped and non-tipped employees. Other 42 states have a lower hourly rate for tipped employees than for the non-tipped [4]. Employers in these states are required to compensate all employees whose combined wage and tips amount to less than the minimum requirement of the federal tipped hourly rate.

Recent Stats and Interesting Facts about the Minimum Wage.


Minimum wage increase

9 out of 11 states which increased their minimum wage rate in 2022 were the result of automatic annual inflation adjustments (AZ, CO, ME, MN, MT, NY, OH, SD, and WA) [4].

Non-tipped workers

Under the Fair Labor Standards Act, tipped employees are those who regularly receive more than $30 per month in tips. Others are considered non-tipped employees.


In 2021, around 22.5% of wage and salary workers paid hourly rates at or below the federal minimum wage were aged between 25 to 34 years [1].

Insights on 2022

The companies in the US are expecting to pay an average 3.4% raise to workers in 2022 [5]. That growth would be higher than in 2021 and 2020.


Back in 1980, around 21.6% of female workers were paid hourly rates at or below the federal minimum wage. The recent data from 2020 reports 2% [1].


In 2020, 170,000 of workers with a salary at or below the federal minimum were reported not having a high school diploma [1]. To compare, there were 453,000 minimum wage workers in 2020.

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Low to High 2022 Minimum Wage by State

Low Minimum Wage

Medium Minimum Wage

High Minimum Wage

Alabama - $7.25
Montana - $9.20 or $4.00*
Missouri - $11.15
Idaho - $7.25
Ohio - $9.30
Illinois - $12.00
Indiana - $7.25
Michigan - $9.87
Maryland - $12.20 or $12.50
Iowa - $7.25
South Dakota - $9.95
Rhode Island - $12.25
Kansas - $7.25
Florida - $10.00
Vermont - $12.55
Kentucky - $7.25
Hawaii - $10.10
Colorado - $12.56
Louisiana - $7.25
Minnesota - $10.33 or $8.42*
Oregon - $12.75
New Hampshire - $7.25
Alaska - $10.34
Arizona - $12.80
North Carolina - $7.25
Delaware - $10.50
Connecticut - $13.00
North Dakota - $7.25
Virginia - $11.00
New Jersey - $13.00
Pennsylvania - $7.25
Arkansas - $11.00*
Massachusetts - $14.25
South Carolina - $7.25
Nevada - $9.75 or $8.75*
Washington - $14.49
Tennessee - $7.25
New York - $15.00
Texas - $7.25
California - $15.00 or $14.00*
Utah - $7.25
Wisconsin - $7.25
Wyoming - $7.25
Oklahoma - $7.25 or $2.00*
Georgia - $7.25 or $5.15*
West Virginia - $8.75
Nebraska - $9.00
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