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Our Startup’s Success: The Best Advice We’ve Ever Received

By April 8th, 2022Get to Know Us, Insight

Since the inception of our startup, we have learned a ton, gained valuable experience, and built strong bonds with our clients in the hospitality industry. If you’re not familiar with our story, we’ve been offering staffing solutions to multiple businesses for years! We’ve helped hundreds of hospitality establishments with their temp staffing needs and tens of thousands of gig workers find work. Recently, we added other valuable HR tools such as employee shift scheduling software, employee time-tracking, and payroll management software to our roster. These newly added tools have helped both our regular and new clients ease the burden of HR. 

Our startup's successNeedless to say, we’ve gathered plenty of helpful business tips for startups along the way. And since much of this valuable insight was learned through working with other small businesses, we’d like to pay it forward. Here, we share what lies at the heart of everything we do: a simple piece of advice that has stood the test of time and has helped us acquire our incredible clients that we are proud to call friends.

Shortly before our launch, we were part of an incubator program in Ottawa. In a workshop, the presenter told us: 

“People do business with people they like.”

business-handshakeIt sounded astoundingly straightforward, even elementary at the time, like something you would tell a child. However, as we got closer and closer to launching and started acquiring clients, we saw the true merit in this statement. 

After numerous meetings with a variety of clients, we realized that very few truly cared about the fact that we were beta testing and that we hadn’t run events on the platform before. They loved the product, of course, but what they really cared about was that they liked us—they loved our attitudes and felt like they could trust us. The presenter had been on to something.

Inspired thinkingShowcase Your Startup’s Personality

If people do business with people they like, it only makes sense that as a company we should strive to be people our clients will like! At Hyre, we strive to always add personal touches to our business regime. It’s easy to get caught up in a business mindset in which you forget that you are dealing with people—but we are in the business of people, and we’ve integrated that fact into our practices. 

When we first launched, we made a point of being present at the beginning of each event to make sure staff were settled in, or at the end of the event to make sure that the shift went well. For something so simple, we received huge thanks—our clients loved the personal aspect and the care that we showed them. 

Integrating client consideration into every aspect of your small business or startup is a powerful tool. Your clients are the reason you have a business in the first place, so make sure that no matter how stressed you are, you remember to treat them with the care and appreciation they deserve. 

Have you ever been given a piece of advice that has stuck with you? Share it with us in the comments below!

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