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Event Planning: 4 Great Ideas to Make Your Event Memorable

By April 9th, 2022Event Planning

Behind every joyous event are the incredible people who made it happen. Whether it’s your high school friend or a professional event planner planning your 30th birthday bash, it takes a lot of effort to create a lasting impression. Event planning is no easy feat.


Event planning: make a lasting impression with details

When it comes to standing out, event planning jobs are measured by their attention to detail. Just ask our clients who use our staffing services: professional event organizers who have successfully planned hundreds of events—they believe that small touches save the day.

Let’s explore how you can go above and beyond to provide your guests with an amazing experience and plan the party that will leave them awestruck!

Here are four small but impactful touches that go a long way toward making your event memorable:

  • Bathroom Baskets

If you’ve ever been to an event that has bathroom baskets, you’ve felt the impact of this charming gesture. Creating one is simple—purchase a small basket and fill it with all of the essentials the event attendees may need when tending to the powder room, then place it in the bathroom.

event-gift-ideasSome items you may consider include hairspray, safety pins, perfume/cologne, stain remover, mints, and mini sewing kits. You don’t have to stick to these items, though—be creative and let your guests know you’re thinking of them!

  • Programs

While digital communication has largely taken over in the event industry, a physical itinerary or program still has its place at your function. Sitting at an event (whether it be a conference or a wedding) and not knowing what’s going on or what to expect can detract from the enjoyment of the day. Save your guests the guesswork and make programs readily available to them—that way they’ll be able to participate in and engage in every activity you present.

  • Goodie Bags

Do you remember how excited you got as a kid when you were handed a loot bag after a birthday party? Now imagine giving your guests that feeling as they leave your event! A lot of trade shows do this, but the bags tend to be filled with business cards and flyers—which can be underwhelming.

To really impress your guests, give them something they can use. Items like bottle stoppers, pens, candles, and travel-sized hand sanitizers can be bought for next to nothing and are handy takeaways.

successful-event-staffIf it’s an event where people are coming from out of town, a list of your favorite local restaurants is a great touch. Goodie bag items don’t have to be expensive. In fact, they are more so embodiments of “it’s the thought that counts” being true.

Choose thoughtful and considerate items for your goodie bags and guests will leave with keepsake reminders of how well-planned your event was.

  • An Instagram-Worthy Photobooth

As an event planner, you likely put a lot of effort into making a venue photo-friendly. Capturing the many smiles and random photobombs is what makes us experience the same emotions years later when revisiting photos.

The background is no less important than your guests’ smiles—consider making the decor so interesting that guests will want to share photos on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter of their surroundings.

Instagram application on the phoneWant to increase the likelihood of your event showing up on everyone’s feed? Then a photobooth is your must-have! Creating a special area for taking pictures is a cool opportunity for your guests to socialize and simply have fun.

Worried about the budget? There are great alternatives—try ordering a social media photo frame. The price can be as low as $10!

Imagine an engaging Instagram feed cut out with relevant tags that are easily recognizable when people scroll through Insta. This is next-level party planning!

Don’t forget to share your amazing event planning efforts on social media. There are many creative ways to do this.

Found Your Go-to’s? Let Us Know How it Went!

We hope that these tips were helpful and inspired you to take your event planning to the next level. It’s always a win when your guests walk away happy.

Give our expert event planning tips a try when planning your next function and your guests will be talking about it for weeks, or even months! Feel free to share your experiences and suggestions in the comments below—what are the essentials on your party planning checklist?

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