Employee Scheduling Software

What is employee scheduling software?

Employee scheduling software is the technology that automates the process of scheduling. Scheduling automation increases employee productivity and employee satisfaction, reducing the duplication of communication and human error. Premium employee scheduling software will also automate timesheets, track payments due, and send alerts for any scheduling or payment conflicts. It also allows for automated reporting and forecasting costs.

Why is employee scheduling software needed?

Employee scheduling software improves team communication and saves manager time. With shift scheduling software, managers of shift-based industries can reallocate their time to non-scheduling activities. Managers can save 10-20 hours a week by automating scheduling, tracking accurate attendance, and reducing error. Premium employee scheduling software like Hyre also forecasts costs, tracks timesheet approvals, and alerts managers for any outstanding payments.


Who does employee scheduling software help?

Employee scheduling software helps managers, staff and business owners keep track of their shifts. For staff, they can easily set their availability and communicate with their team if they need to reschedule. For managers, they can see at a glance all their staff’s availability, and create a schedule that works for everyone. Managers will get a notifications for any missing approvals so that payments to staff matches an up to date timesheet, reducing human error. Premium scheduling software also allows for forecasting costs and seeing an overview of employee performance. If you are interested in streamlining your scheduling process, try Hyre’s free employee scheduling software.

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