Shift Scheduling Template

Shift Scheduling Template

A shift scheduling template is a file that serves as a starting point for how to organize shift schedules by staff, type of work, and time. A shift scheduling template is optimized by having a digitized database of employee availability, which can be attained through an employee availability form. To complement the employee availability form, a time off request form is another tool in minimizing communications around employee availability.

Why is a shift scheduling template needed?
When shift scheduling is done manually or with a disorganized excel sheet, it is extremely time-consuming. Employee availability may change, which makes it difficult to have an accurate schedule ahead of time. Having a robust system of how employee scheduling is done through a template and availability or time-off form is a start in saving manager time. Of course, the best way to save 10-20 hours a week on scheduling is to use shift scheduling software, but a shift scheduling template is a good start.

Who does a shift scheduling template help?
Shift scheduling templates help managers organize the availability of their team members and create schedules easier. Digitizing this process creates a more organized workflow that is easier to share with the team. However, a shift scheduling template is still prone to mistakes when it comes to rescheduling staff and getting updates. Employee scheduling software allows managers to automatically reschedule staff based on updated availability of the team and streamlines all team communications. Premium employee scheduling software also improves the accuracy of employee clock ins, timesheets and payments.

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