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Top-Quality Event Staff is the Key to a Successful Event

Looking back at how Hyre started, it’s always nice to recognize how far we have come. Back in 2017, Hyre was an online platform for event organizers around North America to find top-quality event staff for their events.

We had one mission in mind:

Make the event staffing simple for both event organizers and top-quality event staff.

With that, we were off to the horses.

Demand was high and event organizers were signing up faster than we could handle. The more we optimized our platform, the more event organizers and event staff referred one another.

It was (and is) an adventure, to say the least.

Top-quality event staff CANNOT be compromised

So, what’s the magic ingredient you ask?

Well… DO NOT compromise on quality. It seems so simple, and yet, many traditional staffing firms optimize for quantity, rather than quality when staffing their events.

At Hyre, we have always taken quality very seriously. The words, ‘top-quality event staff’ were literally written on the walls of our office at one point.

So… that is how our journey started.

top-quality event staff at Hyre

Taking over, one event at a time

With word getting around about the top-quality event staff on the platform, we started seeing organizers post shifts for super interesting events. Events are always interesting in our minds, but these were something else.

These events were newsworthy. These events were huge. They were perfect for the top-quality event staff on Hyre. They were made for them.

One special event comes to mind: Canada’s Table

When we first heard about Canada’s Table, we immediately thought: A four-course 1000-person dinner served by 20 of Canada’s top chefs – That’s what Hyre was created for!

people-sitting-at-the-banquet-tableCanada’s Table, a sold-out 1000-person open-air dining experience and fund-raiser took over Wellington Street in front of Parliament Hill on Aug. 27, 2017. Funds from the non-profit event, presented in collaboration with restauranteur Stephen Beckta, chef Mike Moffatt, and Sheila Whyte of Thyme & Again Catering, will go to aid local and national food security causes. DAVID KAWAI / POSTMEDIA

Orchestrating an event such as Canada’s Table would leave many in fear of underperforming (understandably). Planning, organizing, and masterfully delivering a unique experience for an event of this magnitude is anything but simple.

Many of Ottawa’s best caterers and restaurants stepped up to the plate to help out. Ten top local chefs partnered with ten top chefs from five regions across Canada. And these chefs, in collaboration with Restaurateur Stephen Beckta and Chef Mike Moffatt of Beckta, Play and Gezellig restaurants, along with Sheila Whyte of Thyme & Again Catering, successfully brought an exquisite taste to Ottawa on Sunday, August 27th, 2017.

Becoming a part of event history in the making with Canada’s Table

For an event of this magnitude, collaboration is the only route to success to ensure that guests are left speechless. These contributors made history.

And who wouldn’t want to be part of history? Thus, when we at Hyre received a request by one of our long-lasting clients, Thyme & Again Catering, to assist in staffing a portion of Canada’s Table, we were ecstatic!

Our take on event planning

As always, it is our mission that every event is a memorable one. Hyre’s staff, in collaboration with the many staff provided by Ottawa’s best restaurants and caterers, wanted to deliver this once-in-a-lifetime experience in style. With these amazing waitstaff on the front lines, this monumental event went off without a hitch.

“Everything went great at the Canada’s Table Event. We had an amazing experience!”

– Michael Elkin, Thyme & Again (Hyre Event Organizer)

Thyme & Again Logo

scheduling 5

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Sharing impressions and unforgettable experiences

Now an important note about the backbone of our industry – the amazing event staff! It’s impossible for an event to be well executed without the work of these amazing staff! And what did they think of the grand event? Our longtime staff partner Stephanie Wise, who worked at Canada’s Table, wanted to share her thoughts:

“Canada’s Table was phenomenally organized with many staff, volunteers and logistics. It went off seamlessly, we worked hard and in sync, we had fun and all of the guests gave us amazing feedback!”

– Stephanie Wise (Hyre Staff Partner)

And what about the guest experience? Our staff partners’ motto is that “guests must not only be satisfied with the service they receive but also have their expectations exceeded”. Luc Parisien, a top-quality event staff on the platform, had the pleasure of working closely with the guests at Canada’s Table and shared this with us:

“Canada’s Table was a massive operation that was executed beautifully. Every guest I spoke to commented on how delicious the food was and how well they were being taken care of!”

– Luc Parisien (Hyre Staff Partner)

woman-setting-up-the-banquet-tableDAVID KAWAI / POSTMEDIA

And that’s why we do what we do. That’s why we empower our Hyre clients and our Hyre staff partners to aim for the best. We cannot settle for less. That’s why we created Hyre.

Thank you for letting us help out! Thank you for letting the many top-quality event staff on our platform work at your event!

Great People. Great Events.

– Hyre

The Chefs of Canada’s Table:

Local Chefs

Chris Deraiche | Wellington Gastropub

Joe Thottungal | Coconut Lagoon

Jordan Holley | Riviera

Jon Svazas | Fauna & Bar Laurel

Marc Doiron | Town & Citizen

Marc Lepine | Atelier

Michael Blackie | NeXT

Ross Fraser | Fraser Cafe & The Rowan

Tim Stock | Play food & wine

Yannick Anton | Le Cordon Bleu

Visiting Chefs

Normand Laprise | Toqué! & Brasserie T!, Montreal, QC

Dale Mackay | Ayden Kitchen and Bar & Little Grouse on the Prairie, Saskatoon, SK

Vikram Vij | Vij’s Group, Vancouver, BC

Melissa Craig | Bearfoot Bistro, Whistler BC

Matthew Krizan | Mateus Bistro, Mahone Bay, NS

Daniel Vézina | Laurie Raphaël, Québec & Montréal, QC

Paul Rogalski | Rouge, Calgary, AB

Scott Vivian |Beast Restaurant, Toronto, ON

Carolyn Reid |Scaramouche, Toronto, ON

Todd Perrin |Mallard Cottage, Quidi Vidi, NL

So, what about other events? What makes them special?

Well, you can bet that the other events that staff worked through Hyre were special as well. They continued to be magical.

At the end of the day, the reason that they are so special is not only because of the caliber of the event itself, it is because of the caliber of the event staff.

The top-quality event staff that work these events make guests feel special – and that is what matters most.

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