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9 Best Employee Scheduling Software Solutions for 2021

As 2020 draws to a close, business owners are exploring ways to modernize their operations for the new year. Many are choosing to digitize their business models, which can help reduce operating costs by 20% and improve efficiency by 40%. Implementing an employee scheduling software is an effective way to upgrade your operations from analog to digital in preparation for 2021. To discover the best platforms out there for your organization, we’re counting down the 8 best employee scheduling software solutions below.

9. Ganttic

Ganttic is an online resource planner that can be used for high-level long-term planning as well as day-to-day scheduling. Drag and drop features allow for quick and easy changes. Custom data fields help managers add any kind of information they need about their employees – whether they’re full or part time, their time zone or location, or even specific skills they have. Ensuring not only that capacity is met and no one is overbooked, but that the right people are chosen for the right job. A mobile app and email notifications keep your team up to date with schedule changes. And because pricing is based on resources in use, you only need to pay for what you need – while allowing for an unlimited number of users to view the plans.

8. Homebase

Homebase is a solid solution for small brick and mortar businesses because its prices are based on physical locations rather than the number of employees within the company. If your organization has only one location, the platform is free to use for an unlimited number of employees working at the site, but its rigid department structure makes scheduling universal employees a challenge. A notable feature includes the ability to copy your last week’s shift schedule for future use, which can come in handy if your schedule repeats on a weekly basis.

7. Shiftboard

Shiftboard is geared toward regulated industries that require licensed or certified employees. It is priced higher than some of the other options on this curated list but if you need to schedule within the parameters of union and government contracts, its complex scheduling environments will be helpful. Despite the proclivity to the unionized and regulated hourly workforce, this employee scheduling software is built for a number of industries, and offers helpful features like automated scheduling and shift swapping.

6. TSheets

TSheets is best for employers who are interested in time tracking solutions for pre-scheduled shifts and remote work. This platform has a GPS tracking feature which informs employers of their staffs’ whereabouts throughout the day. This feature makes the tool a good choice for the service industry. Additionally, TSheets offers a “Who’s Working” function that shows employers which team members are immediately available for urgent jobs. Users also receive notifications about missed shifts and overtime. Despite these advanced features, there is no time off request function for employees, which is fairly essential for shift workers and can add a lot of extra tasks to a manager’s role. Also, if you need some training on how to use the platform, it appears there is no option to book a demo with a live agent.

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5. Humanity

Humanity is suited to the hospitality industry, particularly when it comes to monitoring labor costs, labor laws, and required leaves. The free starter plan lets employers build employees’ schedules and track their time-off. However, the use of vital features such as multi-location scheduling, forecasting, and integration management requires upgrading to a paid plan. This employee scheduling software computes sales data in real time but users may find scheduling updates and notes are slow to appear on the platform. 

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4. Deputy

Deputy is known for its high-level features and multi-location compatibility. Employers can manage multiple locations across different time zones, which is especially helpful for businesses that have international work sites. Deputy offers a facial recognition feature for hourly work that demands extra security and weather-based schedules for outdoor jobs. None of the interfaces are free, but some paid plans may facilitate organizations across a wide range of industries including healthcare, nonprofits, and law enforcement.

3. 7Shifts

7Shifts offers employee scheduling software catered to the food service industry. The platform has restaurant-specific features where you can schedule staff with the condition that they’ll be sent home when work is slow. Other businesses in the food industry that use 7Shifts include food trucks and coffee shops. The basic plan includes scheduling and time clock management for one location, while paid plans provide helpful additions like weather and department sales forecasting. For those looking for full scheduling capabilities available via mobile, it should be noted that employee time off cannot be viewed on the app and preset shift times have to be inputted manually.

2. When I Work

When I Work is second place on our list for its accessible pricing and ease of use. Its free plan is available to businesses with up to 75 employees at one location, and there is also an enterprise version with volume discounts. Note that the free version only lets you schedule one week into the future, and the cheapest option only covers one location with up to five users. Paid plans include features such as task assignment and location-based scheduling through GPS.

1. Hyre

Hyre is the best all-in-one solution for the shift-based workforce. Just ask our clients! Our platform allows for customization across all features, including customized staff requirements and facility and department structuring that reflects your unique organization. Unlike our competitors, employers can post shifts in bulk and make them recurring. Our temp staffing product also sets us apart! When employers are short-staffed, they can fill their scheduling gaps by accessing a qualified labor pool of temp workers through our platform. Employers can easily convert any existing unfilled shifts to temp shifts and let qualified and vetted workers pick them up. With digital time clocks, team messaging, automated timesheets, and integrated payroll, our software lets you maximize efficiency and work at your best—all at a competitive price. See for yourself by starting your free trial today!

Has an employee scheduling software improved your business operations? Share your experience in the comments below.

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