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Transform how you manage your shift-based workforce

Centralize your workforce management throughout your organization. Manage your shift scheduling, time tracking, payroll, external staffing, and so much more - all under one roof.

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Leading businesses in hospitality and healthcare rely on Hyre to power their workforce management

It’s time to achieve your goals

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Optimize your workforce and increase productivity

The flexible environment of shift-based industries needs a tool that is just as adaptable. Hyre’s workforce management system consolidates all of your internal and external labour demands.

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Eliminate manual and repetitive tasks

No more building shift schedules in excel and emailing them to staff, only to find out that there are scheduling conflicts. No more manual time entry. No more emailing and calling staffing agencies. Learn how Hyre can help you streamline your scheduling, time and attendance management, and staffing requests.

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Increase transparency across the organization

Many organizations are limited by their lack of integrated systems, greatly reducing their ability to gather insights into their workforce. With Hyre’s all-in-one solution, you can schedule your workers, order temp staff from your partners, and manage all communication through one portal.

How can Hyre help you achieve your goals and drive growth?

Bring out the best in your workforce with tools that empower your staff

Easily schedule your workforce by dragging and dropping unfilled shifts into their schedules, or allow them to select the shifts themselves. Create singular or recurring shifts with the click of a button through our user-friendly employee scheduling software.

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A platform that grows with your organization.

Manage and customize multiple departments and facilities using an unlimited hierarchical structure.

Team messaging built for real-time updates.

Direct message your coworkers or create group chats with a quick and efficient built-in messaging tool.

A digital time clock that doesn’t leave room for doubt

Time tracking is a breeze with digital time clocks. Your team can punch in and out on their mobile devices through our handy app, no additional hardware is needed.

Automated timesheets for accurate payroll

Track shift start and end times in one simple dashboard. Send that to payroll with a click of a button. Time management software that does the work for you.

A pool of qualified staff for last-minute gaps in your schedule

Short-staffed? Fill gaps in your schedule by offering unassigned shifts to a qualified and vetted labor pool of temp staff on Hyre. For any additional needs, connect with local staffing agencies that can provide experienced professionals.

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Communicate with all of your existing (or new) staffing partners through one tool

Relationships with multiple agencies are hard to juggle. Connect with them all through Hyre and significantly reduce your overhead. Place all of your staffing orders through one portal and sit back while you see them filled in real time on your integrated shift calendar.

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You’re in good company

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I love how quick it is for me to schedule all my shifts with the ability to make shift adjustments immediately. Very helpful since every day brings new challenges that require flexibility.

Darren Snaith

Environmental Services Manager – Revera

parkland logo

The scheduling tool and the QR code (digital clock in/out) is amazing, we don’t have to keep track of the start or end times as they’re automatically recorded in the system. It just saves a lot of time.

Andrea Gamboa

Manager, Parkland on Eglinton West

Hilton logo

I used to spend 10-20 hours of my week using Excel to manage my 20 staff. Now, I use Hyre and it not only saves me time, it saves me hundreds of dollars a week in labor costs.

Carley Gerrison

Banquet Manager, The Hilton

Tried & tested and trusted by industry partners in healthcare, hospitality, and more

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Customized for shift-based industries such as Healthcare, Hospitality, and more

Whether you manage shift workers at a Long-term care centre, hotel, event venue, or restaurant, our workforce management software is there to help you run your HR department.

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Scheduling your healthcare workers doesn’t have to be messy and disorganized.

Digitally communicate with your nurses, personal support workers, and more

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Just because hospitality shift demands fluctuate, doesn’t mean we can’t simplify the fulfillment process

With a clear overview of your upcoming demands, you can ensure your staffing is on point

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High turnover rates don’t have to dictate your restaurant’s pace and operations efficiency.

With Hyre’s many staffing tools, schedule your servers, bartenders, and temp dishwashers in one place

Learn how Hyre can help your business grow and adapt to changes in the workforce. Optimize your workforce.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many employees can I add to my account?

That’s up to you! Only you know how many employees you need to manage. Feel free to onboard them all. By onboarding your staff to Hyre, they will be able to access their Hyre portal where they can book shifts, time-off, view their pay, set their availability, and much more!

What can my staff do on the platform?

The power is yours! You are the one who can control what your staff can or can’t do. We provide a set of activated permissions for each user. There, you can easily control what your users have access to and what they can view. We made sure to create a detailed list of permissions to give you as much control as possible.

Limited permissions are a great way to avoid confusion and errors by shifting focus on what matters most for staff. On the other hand, you can empower your employees by giving them control over their schedules. In the end, you can choose to do what makes sense for you. We promise we won’t judge you for it. 🙂

How is Hyre better than the alternatives?

We are a cost-efficient all-in-one HR platform for shift-based workforces.

We solve the operational demands of hiring, managing, and paying your shift workers. From A to Z, we’ve got you covered. We offer never before seen integrations to tools that solve huge operational headaches.

For instance, Hyre is the first employee shift scheduling and staff management tool to integrate a temp staffing module! We understand the unpredictable nature of a shift-based workforce and how difficult it can be to fill shifts quickly when there is a cancellation or your demands simply increase rapidly. So, we added an option to fill gaps in schedules with qualified temp staff from Hyre. These temp staff go through a rigorous vetting and onboarding process. You can find more information on hiring temp staff with Hyre, here.

Do I have to install Hyre to start using it?

Hyre is a cloud-based SaaS platform. The majority of companies prefer this type of deployment because it is easy to manage, very accessible, reliable, and cost-efficient. All you need is an internet-connection and a device to start shift planning!