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Our Story

Have you ever attended an event or had to plan an event and were faced with the challenge of getting people to make it something to remember? Did you ever work for an agency that sent you out to work an event and you felt undercompensated? We at Hyre know that there is a better approach to plan events that create memories that will last a lifetime. Bringing the right people together is our job and our passion.

Here at Hyre, we have created an online marketplace that helps connect event staff (bartenders, servers, etc.) with event organizers (event venues, caterers, event planners, etc.) without the need of an archaic staffing agency. We connect you to the people who can make your event special. By cutting out the middleman, event organizers can not only expect a decrease in the cost of event staff, but also higher quality staff. As for event staff, they can achieve a higher hourly wage definitely well earned for all of your hard work. A win-win for everyone!

We believe we have created a fair and more modernized solution that will benefit everyone. At Hyre, we truly value the importance of the memories created by events, and want to make sure these wonderful moments are made. Hyre isn’t just a technology platform, it’s the revolution of the event staffing industry and we would love for you to be a part of the movement!

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