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Talent Pooling

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What is talent pooling?

Talent pooling is a database where recruiters and HR managers keep all their top job candidates. Talent pools can consist of candidates that applied for the role and referred candidates. Talent pooling is part of the recruiting process.

Why is talent pooling important?

Talent pooling helps hiring managers organize candidates by their level of suitability for the role. It helps streamline the hiring process and enables the human resource department to work more effectively.

What steps are involved with talent pooling?

In order to improve the quality of your talent pool, identify the skills your ideal candidate should have. Accurate job descriptions can help screen candidates in order to streamline the talent pooling process. Create a checklist for qualities you are looking for and deal breakers. Ensure every item on your checklist is relevant to the position and not any internal biases. Discrimination has no part in the talent pooling process. It helps to work on recruitment marketing and employer branding in order to attract top candidates. For more details on this process, see our definition for talent acquisition.

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