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Solutions for staffing agencies

Manage your clients and staff - all in one place.

An end-to-end solution for staffing agencies that provides stress-free scheduling, client and order management, and automated invoicing solutions.
Put the manual tasks aside to focus on shift fulfillment.

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Join the many staffing agencies that have used Hyre to power their staffing orders, invoices, and shift fulfilment

It’s time to achieve your goals

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Track all incoming staffing orders

Gone are the days of missed staffing orders from existing and potential clients, long back and forth negotiation of billed rates, and unclear order confirmations. Hyre can help your bookings team manage all of your staffing orders in one place. Accept or decline these orders as they come in.

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Optimize your shift workers

Staffing orders move up and down constantly. You need to enable your team to build staff schedules that are responsive to these demands. See how Hyre helps you create schedules that work for you.

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Remove friction in client invoicing

No more tracking your shift workers’ time and attendance in order to accurately bill your clients. All staffing orders should be connected to your scheduling platform and to your invoicing tools. With Hyre, you can do just that. Focus on staffing and let our staffing platform handle time tracking and invoicing.

How can Hyre help you achieve your goals and drive growth?

Simplified ordering process for faster shift fulfillment

No more back and forth emails, phone calls, and texts with your clients. Hyre’s Vendor Management Platform lets you review, accept, and decline staffing orders that work for you and your staff.

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A shift scheduling tool that lets you control your staffing requests

Accepted orders automatically show up on your calendar as unfilled shifts. Assign them to staff or allow your best staff to pick them up from their staff profile.

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Fuss-free timesheets and attendance tracking for easy payments

Track staff time and attendance with our clock in mobile app. Confirmed times get automatically updated in payroll for simple processing.

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Frictionless invoicing that fosters better relationships with clients

Why track all of your billed hours in excel? Reconcile your staffs’ billed hours and send them out automatically when the times are confirmed by you and your staff.

Proven to speed up invoice management by over 50%. Your clients will thank you and so will your cash flow.

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How have other staffing agencies used Hyre to grow their client base and revenue?

Hyre is built for the shift-based workforce. Our platform is customized for the following industries.

Hyre for Hospitality

Hyre allows temp staffing agencies to tap into a pool of event venues, hotels, conference centres, who are facing staffing shortages.

Without the additional costs of sourcing and managing new clients, agencies can focus on shift fulfilment.

agency tracking tools

Increased revenue from clients

Efficient staffing that allows for more order intake.

agency scheduling shifts

Full operational insight

That enables accurate forecasting and planning.

Hyre for Event Security

Hyre allows event security agencies to share their personnel with other agencies in order to tap into new staffing opportunities.

Agencies automate these new staffing orders through the Hyre portal allowing them to double down on supplying quality staff.

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Simplify complex schedules

Efficient staffing that allows for more order intake.

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Digital operations

That enables all workers to independently schedule themselves.

Hyre for Restaurants

Hyre allows temp staffing agencies to tap into a pool of clients who are facing staffing shortages in the restaurant industry.

Without the additional costs of sourcing and managing new clients, agencies can focus on providing the best quality service.

agency forecasting

Better forecasting

Resource management has never been so easy.

agency increasing revenue

Save more money

Inefficient processes are expensive. Hyre is an all-in-one tool for workforce management.

Hyre for Healthcare

Hyre allows healthcare staffing agencies to tap into a pool of clients who are facing staffing shortages.

Without the additional costs of sourcing and managing new clients, agencies can focus on providing the best care and services.

client relationships for agencies

Access to more clients

Extend your reach without the additional costs.

workforce management for agencies

Fulfilment at lightning speed

Power your staffing abilities with integrated scheduling.

Learn how Hyre’s Staffing Agency Vendor Management Platform can help you grow.

How much control do I have over client orders?

The power is yours! You have full control over client orders, with the ability to accept or reject incoming orders. You can also send a counter-offer and customize billed rates for your temp staff.

Can I fill orders through the platform?

Once you accept a client order, you can easily assign temp staff to the shift through our platform. Hyre allows you to see your temp staff’s availability so that you can assign a temp staff to a shift right away.

Can I track my staff’s clock-in and clock-out times at a client’s venue?

Hyre’s digital attendance tracking ensures that you have an accurate record of your temp staff’s clock-in and clock-out times in real-time. Our platform automatically keeps track of the amount owed to each staff and outstanding invoices for your clients.

How customizable are my billed rates for each client?

You have full control over the billed rates you set for every client. For example, you can charge the rate of $35/hour to Client A and $32/hour to Client B for the same role. You can also set different billed rates for different roles, such as $30/hour for bartenders and $25/hour for dishwashers.