Buddy Punching

What is buddy punching?

Buddy punching is when an employee asks a co-worker to clock in on their behalf. For example, if an employee is running late, they may ask a co-worker to clock in for them, so they can get paid for the entire shift.

Why should you pay attention to buddy punching?

Buddy punching is a source of time theft in which employees get paid for more time than they have worked. To avoid this, consider using a digital time clock or an employee scheduling software that requires ID when clocking in.

Who does buddy punching help?

Buddy punching may appear to help a team member who is late get paid for time when they are not at work. However, buddy punching is harmful to workplace culture as it does not promote good behaviour or equality. Team members that arrive on time are not noted for their behaviour, while team members who are late get away with time theft. Eliminating buddy-punching sets a higher standard for workplace behaviour and promotes fairness for employees that arrive on time.

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