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Mutual growth through technology integration

At Hyre, we join forces with businesses who want to help simplify the operations of their clientele.

As an integrated partner with Hyre, you get to collaborate with a knowledgeable team to help build a product your customers will love.  Integrate with us and reap the benefits below:

  • A  designated relationship manager 
  • Co-branded content for marketing 
  • Increased value for your sales team and customers
  • Shared sales and increased revenue

Discover what’s needed to build an ideal partnership when joining forces with Hyre:

  • • Substantial  current customer base or substantial customer growth per month 
  • • Secure and reliable API with open access
  • • A business manager for account management and engineering resources for technical integration

If this doesn’t sound like you, no problem! There are other ways to work with Hyre, like our affiliate and referral program

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    I am a company interested in a technology integration with Hyre to expand my offerings.

    You’re in good company