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    Take control of your time by scheduling shifts with Hyre

    Use Hyre to manage your team’s schedules, communication, time-clock, time-tracking, and payroll files – all in a matter of minutes. Get away from excel sheets and back and forth emails with your team.

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    Schedule your employee’s shifts

    Create employee schedules in minutes. Assign staff their shifts or allow them to pick their shifts up on their own. Fill gaps in your schedule with temp staff with a click of a button!

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    Time clock & Time tracking

    Allow your team to punch in and punch out of their shifts using their mobile devices. Track their shift start and end times on one simple dashboard.

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    Fill gaps with Hyre temp staff

    Easily create staffing orders indicating positions, time-slots of shifts, clothing and skills necessary for the job. Using Hyre’s easy to use platform, you can manage your entire shift planning process quickly.

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    Manage multiple departments and facilities

    Customize your organization’s facilities and departments and allow your team to manage each separately or in unison – saving time and overhead costs.

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    Download your free Excel employee scheduling template

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